Safety of the artists, neighbours and of Halls Island is Halls Island Artist Residency's absolute top priority. As the amenities are quite rustic, this program is most appropriate for artists who have experience and are comfortable with aspects of outdoor living such as water safety, fire safety, and stewardship of land. All fires must be thoroughly extinguished with water until there is no smoke, steam or embers remaining. No one shall light a campfire when there is a regional fire ban in effect. 

Although artists will be alone on the Island, Koshlong Lake has many cottagers as well as YMCA Wanakita, a large summer camp. Wanakita staff, as well as a handful of cottagers, will be aware of the artists presence on the island, and able to offer support if necessary. 

A wonderful amenity of Halls Island is the nordic-style sauna perched on the edge of the dock. Artists are welcome to use the sauna, however must take the utmost care, as the stove becomes very hot and poses a burn risk. Artists should practice common sense and know their limits around sauna use, and always stay hydrated when using the sauna. 

Emergencies should be directed to the Ontario Provincial Police by calling 911.  Request Dysart Fire response.