Where is Halls Island and how do I get there?

Halls Island is on Koshlong Lake in Haliburton, Ontario. The dock access to Koshlong is a 3 hour drive from Toronto. Boat transportation to and from the island will be arranged. Urgent boat trips to the mainland can be arranged (please note that true emergencies should be directed to the Ontario Provincial Police, 911). 

What do I need to bring with me?

Halls Island possesses very rustic accommodations. There is a refrigerator and a stove, which are both propane powered. Artists should bring whatever food and supplies they need for their stay. Drinking water will be provided, and bottled water is prohibited. Please keep in mind that everything must be packed in and out, so low-waste items are required. 

Artists should bring a sleeping bag, towels, and whatever comforts they require, as well as their supplies for their proposed project. Those using any toxic materials must store those and pack them out for proper disposal at a later time. 

I need electricity for my work - can I participate?

Halls Island is powered by minimal solar power. Electricity-intensive projects, such as recording music, is not appropriate for the residency. However, the island will have enough power to charge a laptop, in order to facilitate writing projects. Musicians wishing to participate may want to consider using the Island to compose music, rather than record. 

What is the "community engagement" portion of the residency?

Artists should be prepared to engage with the Haliburton arts community in some way. A rough idea for this engagement is a required component of the application. This might involve holding a workshop, performance, or donating a piece of art to a worthy community organization. We have members of the community available to facilitate the development and coordination of this component. 

Is this residency funded?

This residency is currently not funded. It will operate at no cost to the artist, but will not currently provide a stipend or other funding. This may change in the future to provide travel or other stipends to artists. 

How long can I stay?

Residency blocks are ten days long. Details can be found on the application.

Is there wifi?

There is no wifi on the island. Koshlong Lake does receive cell/data reception, so mobile phones will work there. 

Will anyone else be there? Can I attend with someone else?

As Halls Island is close quarters, artists will not be placed there at the same time. However, if applicants wish to apply at the same time as another artist, they may do so and may be accepted to attend at the same time. This would involve two separate applications, except in cases of collaborative projects, which only require one. 

New in 2020: applications will be accepted by a collaborative group of up to four artists. Please see the Apply tab for details

Is Halls Island dog friendly?

Yes! Dog waste must be scooped with a shovel and thrown away in the outhouse - not collected with plastic bags for the garbage. 

Haliburton County is a thriving community! The arts are alive and well with the Fleming School of Art and Design, an active Arts Council, the Northern Lights Pavillion …the list goes on! Many artists of varied disciplines call Haliburton County home on a full time or part time basis.

Whether you are one of our successful artist residency candidates or planning a visit to Haliburton County, you will find many events in the arts, outdoors activities, sports or special community events for your enjoyment. Below you will find links to calendars of events and also to local arts organizations.

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“Haliburton County Folk Society” Concerts, open stage, events

“Highlands Summer Festival” Theatre

The links below will take you to information regarding grants which may be available to support your work. Some grants will support travel and residencies.

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